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Aguacite is the name given by Aguagreen to its calcium carbonate which is packaged in fine granules.


The name of the brand Aguacite is an assembly of the Spanish word “Agua” meaning “water” with the particle “cite” of the word calcite.
Calcite is a variety that is part of the calcium carbonate group


Aguacite est une marque de carbonate de calcium

Where does Aguacite brand calcium carbonate or calcite come from?


It is a natural mineral composed of the following biochemical elements:

  • Ca = symbol for calcium, chemical element, atomic number 20.
  • C = symbol for carbon, chemical element, atomic number 6.
  • O = symbol for oxygen, chemical element, atomic number 8.

This gives the complete biochemical formula of: CaCO3.



Calcium carbonate is a naturally occurring biochemical mineral that makes up most limestone rocks.
It is extracted and then refined.

Aguacite marketed by Aguagreen | Cintropur SHOP is more than 99% pure calcium carbonate.


Using calcium carbonate is essential when the water is too acidic.

Types of water that are likely to have a pH below 6.5:

  • spring,
  • drilling,
  • rain,
  • tank.


Possible consequences of acidity.

Water that is too acidic causes the following problems:

  • Metallic corrosion.
  • Stains on sink, sink, tub or shower.
  • Degradation of household appliances.
  • Metallic taste in drink.
  • Dermatological allergies or intoxication..


  • Thanks to its mineralizing action, Aguacite calcium carbonate naturally raises the pH above 6.5.
  • Aguacite is generally used in a water filter with cartridge..


  • Replace the granules as soon as the pH drops below 6.5 again.

Available packaging:

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