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Purifies water by ultrafiltration with or without ultraviolet.

Cintroclear UF500 UF400 AC110 is an ultrafiltration and UVC sterilization system.

It’s a range of high performance ultrafiltration water purifiers.

Protects water from residual chemical or pathogenic pollution.

This appliances generally connect below the kitchen sink.


Range: three Cintroclear ultrafilters, one of which is an ultrafilter coupled to a water sterilizer.


  • AC110, UF400 and UF500 (the UF500 model is with a UV lamp).


Cintroclear AC110 compressed activated carbon water purifier      Cintroclear UF400 purifies water by ultrafiltration     Cintroclear UF500 water ultrafiltration and ultraviolet decontamination


Here are the five possible treatment levels:


1. Pre-filter at 5 microns.

    • Retains suspended matter and sludge.


2. Reduces nitrates.

    • Significantly decreases the nitrate level.


3. Purify.

    • Activated carbon compressed at high pressure. Bonded with a high temperature polymer. Reduces heavy metals and residual chemicals. Eliminates bad tastes and unpleasant odors.


4. Ultrafilter.

    • Cartridge with micro porous tubes which filter up to 0.03 microns. Eliminates viruses and bacteria at 99.99%.


5. Sterilized.

    • Complete water sterilization module by germicidal ultraviolet radiation. 8w UV lamp and quartz sheath included.



Equipped as standard:

  • ADS100 model cartridge (fine activated carbon).
    Reduces heavy metals and chemical residues (lead, chlorine, …). Eliminates most bad odors and unpleasant tastes.


ADS100, ADS150 and ADS150UF cartridges are compatible with all three Cintroclear devices.

Which increases or decreases the filtration power.




Equipped as standard with four different cartridges to carry out four stages of filtration:

  • 1st stage: pre-filtration at 5 microns.
  • 2nd step: reduction of nitrates.
  • 3rd step: filtration with activated carbon.
  • 4th step: purification at 0.03 micron.



Four purification steps completed by a UV sterilization module:

  • Four stages: pre-filtration at 5 microns, reduction of nitrates, filtration with activated carbon, and purification at 0.03 microns.
  • 5th step: sterilization with a germicidal ultraviolet generator. Learn more.

About the ultraviolet generator.

For highly contaminated waters.

Content of the module:

  • tube without filament anodes (world patent) and instant polarization.

This ultraviolet germicidal system destroys 99.99% of pathogenic germs, bacteria, viruses and other forms of microorganisms. Find out more.


List of maintenance products:

  • Special activated carbon: ADS100 cartridge. Link to product.
  • Ultra adsorbent by compressed activated carbon: ADS150 cartridge. Link to the product.
  • Ultra filtration at 0.03 microns: ADS150UF cartridge. Link to the product.
  • Cintroclear maintenance kit for UF400 and UF500 models:


Differences between ADS label cartridge models.

100: cartridge filled with fine activated carbon.

150: cartridge filled with compressed fine activated carbon and bonded to a high temperature polymer.

150 UF: cartridge filled with compressed fine activated carbon and bonded to a high temperature polymer. Micro porous tube added to the center of the cartridge. Better ultrafiltration at 0.03 microns (versus 0.15 microns for ADS 100 and 150 models).


ACS = Health Certification (France).

Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire   Satisfaction garantie Aguagreen

Also on sale in the European online store aguagreen.eu.