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Cintropur UV.

The Cintropur UV brand is a range of devices for the sterilization of water validated by ultraviolet radiation.



Cintropur UV revamps its range of UVC models and launches new water purifying sterilizers:

2100, 4100, DUO-UV and TRIO-UV 25 or 40 watt.



Usefulness of ultraviolet light in water treatment:

  • UV radiation (UVC) = 253.7 Nm (part of the solar radiation).
  • Lamp-UV = more powerful radiation.
  • Effectively disinfects water (recognized technology).
  • Neutralizes the DNA of bacteria and pathogenic viruses.
  • Respect the environment.
  • Makes drinking water.


Three new models based on the NW25 architecture of the Domestic Line range.


Cintropur UV range of new Cintropur brand models


Advantages of the new UV models from Cintropur.

  • Modulates compactness.
  • Limits the flow (guarantee of optimal processing).
  • Equipped with a practical dashboard (maintenance).
  • Quality of selected components.
  • Professional finish.
  • Process efficiently (official control system).
  • Covers sterilized flows from 1 to 3 M³ / H.
  • Save installation costs.
  • UV cumulative and activated carbon filtration.
  • Changing the lamp is simple. A 5 ° rotation of the UV is enough to remove it.

Should the particles be filtered before treatment with ultraviolet rays?

  • Filtering upstream is an excellent solution:
    • UV radiation will be optimal,
    • prevents disturbance by suspended dross.

Where does the UV sterilizer fit in a water treatment chain?

  • For better water sterilization, the Cintropur UV device is placed in the last position of the treatment line.


AGUAGREEN | Cintropur SHOP crée une variante de cinq appareils basée sur les modèles UV de Cintropur

  1. DUO-UV 40w,
  2. DUO-UV-CTN 25w,
  3. DUO-UV-CTN 40w,
  4. TRIO-UV-DUO 25w,
  5. TRIO-UV-DUO 40w.

Ask for advice to objectify the choice of a model of sterilizer by UVC radiation, contact-us.

PDF | The technical sheet can be downloaded from the Documentation Center.




Most UVC (ultraviolet) lamp sterilize water for one year without interruption. Changing the used lamp is essential for health. The effectiveness of UV rays on germs is no longer optimal.


Also on sale in the European online store aguagreen.eu.