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Cintropur is a media brand for filtering liquids.


Made entirely of first quality synthetic material. Cintropur filters are suitable for food and drinking water use.

The Cintropur propeller transforms the water flow into a centrifugal effect by the precipitation of heavy particles at the bottom of the bowl.

While the filter sleeve Cintropur ensures the final filtration according to the fineness chosen.


Range of Cintropur brand filters


Main functions of Cintropur brand filters

Protection of domestic, collective and agricultural sanitary water circuits by filtration of solid particles (earth, sand, rust particles) suspended in the water.

Placing the filter at the inlet of the installation is ideal, which protects all of the accessories connected downstream.



Smart Line and Domestic Line

  • Protection of sanitary networks supplied with mains water, rainwater or wells.
  • Water filtration before softening, reverse osmosis or treatment with ultraviolet lamp.

Semi-Industriel and Industriel

  • Protection of sanitary networks, production machine tools, and any industrial device that treats water.
  • Water filtration before high pressure (100 to 200 bar) or very high pressure (1500 to 2500 bar) cleaners.

Cintropur UV

  • Water sterilization by ultraviolet C radiation.


  • Watering networks.
  • Beverage waters for animals.
  • Rainwater and well water filtration.



  1. High flow.
  2. Low pressure drop.
  3. Centrifugal pre-filtration.
  4. Robust and reliable professional device.
  5. Quick and easy lower purge.
  6. Exclusive ecological and inexpensive system in filter cuff (sieve or vlies).
  7. Continuous visualization of the fouling of the filter sleeve (thanks to the transparency of the bell).


Water treatment with Cintropur filters

TE model

The Cintropur NW TE is equipped with a tube with strainer to receive various products other than water.

TE-CTN model

The NW25 TE-CTN model filter is fitted with a separate cartridge to be filled with activated carbon or other catalytic masses.

  • Fit the cartridge into the filter head.

Products used to reduce scaling of the water heater and the boiler:

  • Polyphosphates – Silicates – Silico-phosphates:
    • effective up to 60 ° C, these products will be used to reduce the harmful and encrusting effects of tartar. Another well-known application is the protection of new sanitary facilities against rust.
  • Special Cintropur activated carbon and special Carbolite activated carbon.
  • The large pore volume and large exchange surface make this special Cintropur activated carbon a good choice.
  • Improved taste, disappearance of odors, decrease in chlorine, ozone and micro pollutants like pesticides and other dissolved organic substances.

Equipments are solid and efficient.

  • Large flows of 3.5 m³ / h up to 30 m³ / h.
  • Low pressure losses thanks to the large diameter.
  • Connection range from ¾″ to 3″.
  • Double level of filtration:
    • by centrifugal effect propeller,
    • by filtration sleeve (sieve or vlies).
  • Wide range of filtration levels from 1 to 300 µm (micrometer):
    • disposable filter sleeves (1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 µm),
    • washable filter sleeves (150 and 300 µm).
  • All spare parts are available from stock
  • Purge valves (or ball valve) to remove particles.
  • Transparency of the Cintropur bowl (or bell) to see the fouling.
  • Simple manual tightening (thanks to Cintropur O-rings).
  • Maintenance of Cintropur filters:
    • economic,
    • convenient,
    • ecological,
    • replacing the filter bag is easy,
    • environment respected (recyclable filter sleeve).


International standards of the symbols used in the official online store Aguagreen | Cintropur SHOP:

  • µm = micrometer or micron commonly μ | 1 micron equals 0.000 001 m or 1 millionth of a meter.
  • L/m = Litre per minute.
  • m³/h = cubic meter per hour | 1 m³ equals 1000 liters.
  • ⅛″ = eighth of an inch | 1/8 corresponds to DN6.
  • ¼″ = quarter of an inch | 1/4 corresponds to DN8.
  • ⅜″ = three eighths of an inch | 3/8 corresponds to DN10.
  • ½″ = half inch | 1/2 corresponds to DN15.
  • ¾″ = three-quarter inch | 3/4 corresponds to DN20.
  • 1″ = one inch | 1 inch corresponds to DN25.
  • 1-¼″ = 1 “1/4 = quarter inch | 1 1/4 inches is DN32.
  • 1-½″ = 1/2 an inch and a half | 1 1/2 inches is DN40.
  • 2″ = two inch | 2 inches is DN50.
  • 2-½″ = two and a half inches | 2 1/2 inches is DN65.
  • 3″ = three inches | 3 inches is DN80.