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Cintropur filters.

Why does the Aguapure water refiner brand use Cintropur brand filters ?

In addition to being ecological and inexpensive, Cintropur filters are an excellent solution for sanitizing water.

While screen filters retain sediment suspended in the water (sand, rust, gravel, etc.), activated carbon considerably reduces pesticides and chemical residues.

Recognized worldwide for its excellent natural properties, activated carbon (or activated carbon) significantly improves the taste and odor of water.

Where are Cintropur filters made ?

In Belgium. The place of manufacture remains secret.

Manufactured in Europe, these filters are designed with first quality synthetic materials which make them exceptional products. Guaranteed 5 years,

They benefit from the health compliance certificate (ACS) and are therefore suitable for food and drinking water use.

Cintropur water filters and its spare parts are fully compatible with Aguapure brand water refiners.


How to find Cintropur filter models and all spare parts ?


To find a filter or a part on the internet, type shop cintropur or cintropur shop.


Cintropur filter sleeve.

Often with names such as: sieves, vlies, socks, or filter cuffs.

However, the correct designation is “filter sleeve”.

Behind this Rolls Royce of water purification hides a little well-kept secret: the filter bag, ingeniously woven by Cintropur. With reliable reliability, they are available according to different filtration thresholds: 1 µm, 5 µm, 10 µm, 25 µm, 50 µm, 100 µm for disposables, and 150 µm or 300 µm for washes. At unbeatable prices, they are also very easy to change, which offers the most resourceful the possibility of saving on labor.

Cintropur industrial model filter in illustration


Functioning of Cintropur filters.

Cintropur works on a simple principle. Water enters on one side. The centrifugal propeller transforms the flow which precipitates the particles in the bottom of the bowl. The water then passes through the filter bag which retains the smaller particles in suspension. The result depends on the filtration threshold chosen, then finally comes out on the other side to join the pipes.

Cintropur wall mounted filter duo


Cintropur is a powerful solution when fouling of the public network reaches … your home!


The Cintropur filter protects your devices from sediment drops during public works. The use of a filter is then a wise choice in the protection of its equipment. Filtering drinking water is far from a luxury! The image illustrates what a 25 micron filter bag looks like, removed after 6 months of use (Brussels).

Dirty Cintropur sieve or filter sock

Better that these sediments remain in the filter rather than in or on our body!


Cintropur filters several types of water.

  • Drilling.
    Filtration is essential in drilling water. Resolve the iron level beforehand (≤100mg / L). Setting up progressive levels of filtration makes filtration more efficient. For example: 1st filter with 150 µm filter sleeve, 2nd filter with 25 µm and 3rd filter with 5 µm.


  • Rain, spring, storage.
    As for rainwater treatment, Cintropur filters with filter bag are perfectly suitable. Complementary filtration with activated carbon will eliminate unpleasant odors or even produce drinking water under certain periodic maintenance conditions. Refer to Cintropur NW-TE strainer or TE-CTN removable cartridge filters designed to contain activated carbon.


  • Public network.
    Water companies regularly replace old public pipes. This causes drops of sediment. Protecting your facilities is essential.


Cintropur purifies water with its own activated carbon.

wo activated carbon systems coexist:


  • Dip tube with strainer.
    Used for certain models in the Domestic Line and Industrial ranges.

Illustration of the Cintropur filter, coated industrial model


  • Movable cartridge.
    Filling is very easy by unscrewing the head of the strainer.

Cintropur water filter model NW25 TE-CTNFilling the Cintropur container with Cintropur activated carbon

Whatever the system (with strainer or with movable cartridge), they are both very effective for water treatment. Like its cousin with filter sleeve, the activated carbon filter is very easy to maintain and at unbeatable prices. Activated carbon is available in the Cintropur branded in carton pack of 3.4 liters, and the Carbolite branded in a hermetic jerrycan of 2.5 or 5 liters.


Cintropur activated carbon.

The use of activated carbon filters is one of the most accessible solutions for reducing undesirable substances and producing drinking water or refining mains water.

Does your tap water have an unpleasant odor and does not taste very good? Place a Cintropur !

The activated carbon filter is the solution to give you the pleasure of good water, accessible at all times. As a result, substantial savings on your purchase of plastic water bottles added to a reduction in the carbon footprint on the environment.