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Aguapure is a brand of ecological water refiners by purification, anticorrosion, dynamization.

Aguapure brand water refiners

The Aguapure water refiner system is innovative. However, it is based on the combination of 3 proven technologies:

  1. Galvanic electrolysis
  2. Dynamic purification (Agualite, Volcalite, Carbolite)
  3. Micro filtration by filter bag (from 1 to 300 microns)

Their maintenance costs are unbeatable. For example, Aguapure K6:
0.00 euros maintenance for 4 years then 39 euros per year from the 5th year (shipping included).


Two types of water treatment.

  • Purification anticorrosion
    [Filter sleeve + activated carbon + rock crystals + galvanic micro electrolysis].
  • Purification anticorrosion dynamisation
    [Filtering sleeve + activated carbon + rock crystals + volcanic rock + galvanic micro electrolysis].


Six models are proposed to treat water flows according to the number of inhabitants:

6 persons:

  • K6   [Purification | anticorrosion]
  • K10 [Purification | anticorrosion | dynamization]

12 persons:

  • K12 [Purification | anticorrosion]
  • K14 [Purification | anticorrosion | dynamization]

24 persons:

  • K16 [Purification | anticorrosion]
  • K18 [Purification | anticorrosion | dynamization]


Choosing the right model depends directly on the nature of the water.

Anti-corrosion purifier or dynamization anti-corrosion purifier?

The choice depends directly on the composition of the water to be treated.

Contact us for help SHOP@aguagreen.com


The Aguapure refiner is a good choice.

Two conditions:

  1. The traces of powdery limestone do not bother you.
  2. The hardness does not exceed ± 30 ° F.

In this case the ecological water refiner of the Aguapure brand is recommended.

On the other hand, if hot water is produced by the following devices:

  • plate heat accumulator,
  • thermodynamic system,
  • solar thermal plates.

Unfortunately these devices are sensitive to the hardness of the water and therefore the water hardness rate must be reduced.

But it all depends on the composition of your water and its use!

Contact us for advice. You will quickly get an answer.

Note: Below 15 ° French, water softening is not essential. However, a natural treatment by the Aguapure system effectively neutralizes residual pollution, regenerates good fractal crystallography, and provides organoleptic qualities close to mountain water. The natural softening of water does not remove lime in the sense mentioned by salt softeners but neutralizes its encrusting properties by transforming it into the form of aragonite.

Aguapure is MODULAR. Installing the Galvac Ion reactor separately is possible.