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Cintropur documentations.

Technical Documentation Center of Cintropur Products

Cintropur documentation.

Datasheets of Cintropur liquid filters ranges and Cintropur UV range of water sterilizers by ultraviolet rays.

PDF | Smart Line and Domestic ranges

Smart Line and Domestic Line range

Smart Line range
Models: SL160, SL240, SL240 TE CTN, SL240 DUO-CTN and SL TRIO-CTN.

Domestic Line range
Models: NW18, NW25, NW25 TE, NW25 TE-CTN, NW25 DUO, NW25 DUO-CTN, TIO, NW32 and NW32 TE.

PDF | Semi-Industrial and Industrial ranges

Semi-Industrial range Cintropur

Semi-Industrial range
Models: NW280, NW340 and NW400.

Industrial range

Industrial range
Models: NW500, NW500 TE, NW650 and NW800.

PDF | Water sterilizers by UV range

UV Cintropur range

Range with UV-lamp of 25, 40 or 95 watt
Models: UV2000, TIO-UV, UV10.000 95w, 2100, 4100, DUO-UV 25w + 40w, TRIO-UV 25w + 40w.

Ultraviolet Info.