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Cintropur since 1972.

Cintropur is the brand of filter media acquired by Airwatec in 2002.

Airwatec is the short name from AIR and WAter TEChnologies.

Dépôt de Airwatec situé à Eupen en Belgique qui stocke les médias filtrants Cintropur et le matériel de filtration d'air. Photo copyright Airwatec.

Airwatec depot located in Eupen (Belgium). Stores Cintropur filter media and air filtration equipment. Photo copyright Airwatec..

Founded in 1950 then became Airwatec in 2002. The company distinguishes itself in three industrial and commercial sectors stemming from its R & D.


1. Air treatment.

The company distributes Viledon brand products from the German company Freudenberg Filtration Technologies.

It markets personalized air filtration products such as:

  • AWT frames,
  • Airwabox brand high concentration filter,
  • “private label” filters for OEMs.


2. Water treatment.

Manufacturing and marketing of Cintropur brand filter media, categories:

  • domestic,
  • semi-industrial,
  • industrial,

Accessories included sterilizers and water purifiers complete the ranges.


3. Technologies.


Development of specific products:

  • air filtration,
  • water treatment.

Integrated engineering service since 1986. Realization of installations:

  • industrial air filtration,
  • custom ventilation.


Research & Development.

The R & D department is very experienced. Which is a great asset for creating custom products, and making them.

Aguagreen | Cintropur SHOP relies on the quality of Cintropur filters for its Aguapure range.

Summary of the main applications of Cintropur:

  • filters and treats water through 5 ranges of media:
    • Domestic Line,
    • Smart Line,
    • Semi-Industrial
    • Industrial,
    • Ultraviolet,
  • collects and treats rainwater,
  • treats spring or borehole water,
  • pre-filters the water for watering or irrigation,
  • mechanically filters particles:
    • by filter sleeves,
    • by activated carbon,
    • other catalytic masses,
  • sterilized:
    • by UV rays.

Cintroclear brand equipment filters and purifies water intended for consumption. Powerful devices:

  • no wasted water,
  • without release of pollutants.

All accessories and spare parts can be found in the Cintropur brand dealer network.