Aguagreen SHOP

Disinfection. Airthink brand is an anti-mite device that sterilizes by UV and suction. KinGLight is a brand that sterilizes water by UV-C radiation.

Refining. Aguapure is a range of natural water refiners. Its system is ecological and economical. It is the innovative treatment of galvanic electrolysis associated with special filtration. Galvac ™ Ion Reactor that is the brand used in water refiners.

Filtration. FT-Line brand is a range of residential filters that purifies kitchen faucet water. They work with different cartridges and an ultrafiltration membrane.

Softening. ECO Delta simplex duplex is a new range of water softeners. These devices use less water and salt when rinsing the resins. Operate without electricity.

Hydrogenation. Hydron and Haktiva are brands that are devices capable of producing hydrogenated water. Thanks to this process, water has exceptional antioxidant properties.

Reverse osmosis. Proline Plus is a brand that purifies water by residential reverse osmosis system. The membranes of the Vontron and Greenfilter brands are used in reverse osmosis and nano-filtration.

pH booster. Special filter with calcium carbonate that raises the pH of too acid waters.

Faucets. 3-way faucet whose water has no contact with the metal inside. MF stands for Metal Free. Brands: Ares and Forum Chrome MF.

Catalysts. Activated carbon, special rocks and calcium carbonate to treat waters. Brands: Aguacite, Agualite, Carbolite and Volcalite.