Cintropur SHOP

Cintropur filters liquids through four media ranges: Smart Line, Domestic Line, Semi-Industrial, Industrial (old and new models).

Smart Line Cintropur filters water. Models: SL 160 and SL 240 (fitted as standard with a filter sleeve). Models SL 240 TE CTN, SL 240 DUO CTN and SL 240 TRIO CTN (for activated carbon).

Domestic Line Cintropur filters the water. Models: NW 18 (small model), NW 25, NW25 TE, NW25 TE-CTN, NW25 DUO, NW25 DUO-CTN, TIO, NW 32, NW 32 TE. Standard fitted with a filter sleeve. The TE, CTN and TIO versions are equipped for activated carbon.

Semi-Industrial Cintropur filters liquids. Models: NW 280, NW 340 and NW 400. Standard equipped with a 25 micron filter sleeve.

Industrial old and new Cintropur models treat liquids. Old models: NW 50, NW 50 TE, NW 62 and NW 75. New models: NW 500, NW 500 TE, NW 650 and NW 800. Standard fitted with a 25 micron filter sleeve. The TE version receives activated carbon.

Cintropur UV sterilizes water by ultraviolet C radiation. UV lamp power: 25, 40 and 95 watt. Models: 2000, TIO-UV, 10000, 2100, 4100, DUO-UV, TRIO-UV 25w / 40w. Exclusive devices by AGUAGREEN | Cintropur SHOP: DUO-UV 40w, DUO-UV-CTN 25w / 40w, TRIO-UV-DUO 25w / 40w.

Cintroclear purifies and sterilizes tap water. Range of 3 models: AC110, UF400, and UF500 with 8W UV lamp.