Cintropur UV

Cintropur UV is the range of water sterilizers that work by artificial ultraviolet C radiation. What is ultraviolet radiation? This is to reproduce the exact ultraviolet wavelength of the sun translated into UVC. You will find more information on the scientific action of UV by clicking on the ULTRAVIOLET page. It is these that Cintropur UV reproduces through their lamps. The power of UVC lamps is expressed in watts: 25, 40 or 95 watts. These UV lamps are encompassed by a quartz sleeve (tube). The purpose of this sheath is to distribute the UVC wave evenly and at a good distance in the stainless steel nozzle.

The Cintropur UV models are: 2000, TIO-UV, 10000, 2100, 4100, DUO-UV, TRIO-UV 25w / 40w, DUO-UV 40w, DUO-UV-CTN 25w / 40w, TRIO-UV-DUO 25w / 40w.