Domestic Line

Domestic Line range is the first line of domestic filters created by Cintropur. You will find all models with or without accessories. They are grouped together in this category. Models: NW18, NW25, NW25 TE, NW25 TE-CTN, NW25 DUO, NW25 DUO-CTN, NW25 TRIO, NW25 TRIO-CTN, NW32, NW32 TE, NW32 DUO, NW32 TRIO, NW32 TRIO TE, and TIO. ¾″, 1″ or 1″¼ connections on request.
Domestic..Line Sleeves is the category that brings together all filter sleeves . Filtration thresholds: 1, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150 and 300 microns.
Domestic..Line Accessories lists all spare parts for all filters in this range. A page “FIND A DOMESTIC..LINE PART” is available for easy searching.