Activated carbon 2.5 liters Carbolite branded in jerrycan to purify water

Carbolite™ 2.5 liters in hermetic jerrycan.

Powerful activated carbon to purify and decontaminate. Deodorizes water. Improves the organoleptic qualities of all types of water. Particle size perfectly suited to Cintropur water filters.


Activated carbon 2.5 liters Carbolite branded in jerrycan to purify water.

  • High quality activated carbon.
  • Particle size well suited for water filters.
  • Improves the taste of water.
  • Exceptional volume of adsorptive pores
  • Removes bad odors.
  • Reduces chlorine and ozone.
  • Reduces micro-pollutants.
  • Neutralizes organic substances.
  • Reduces chemical pesticide residues.
Weight2.5 kg


1 review for Activated carbon 2.5 liters Carbolite branded in jerrycan to purify water

  1. Paul B.

    There are far too many fine particles of coal mixed with the pellets.

    I purged at the exit of TIO, the water seemed correct, but in my sink there was plenty of coal dust.
    I bought you a 2nd filter to put it in series after the TIO.

    The TIO at a filter of 25 microns and the 2nd 10 microns and in this 2nd now that it works I have a lot of coal dust.

    At the packaging plant they should ventilate or sift the coal granulas to avoid this inconvenience very unpleasant and expensive (installation of a 2nd filter, plus the weight of dust that is useless but that we pay .

    Response of the shop manager on March 11, 2019:

    THANK YOU for your opinion which will be of great use for all.
    TIP: Pre-rinse under the tap of the cartridge that has been refilled with new activated carbon. Turn the cartridge over and repeat the rinse. By this process a large amount of particles and dust will evacuate, the rest will amalgamate thanks to the water of the pre-rinse. When returning to service, purge again. Take the tissue test to make sure there are no more particles and dust.
    OPTIONAL: if you have a downstream filter, installing a filter sleeve of 5 or 1 micron will stop almost completely any drop.
    IMPORTANT: the finer the activated charcoal, the more effective its adsorbent power. Concern for the release of particles and dust are disadvantages that must be tamed according to the procedure described at the beginning.
    Sincerely, Christophe.

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