Bundle SL 240 QUAD CTN water clarifier purifier 4 steps

Cintropur quadruple filter bundle consisting of a SL 240 TRIO CTN and SL 240 to be assembled with a nipple, 3 pockets of filter sleeves different micron, and a jerrycan 2.5 liter activated carbon of Carbolite™ brand. Clarifies the water in 3 steps and then purifies it in a fourth activated carbon filter. The special package is a 5% discount on your entire purchase, regardless of the quantity! When ordering, apply the code b106



Quadruple water filter of the new range Cintropur Smart Line to clarify and purify water in four successive steps. SL 240 TRIO CTN and SL 240 models. Place the SL 240 mono filter in the first position before the trio using the nipple. Install a 100 micron sleeve into the first filter. Second filter with 100 micron sleeve to reinforce the clarification of the water. Third filter with 5 micron sleeve to refine the clarification of the water. Fourth filter with container filled with activated carbon. The pack including a bag 5 filter sleeves 100 micron, a bag of 5 filter sleeves 25 micron, a bag of 5 filter sleeves 5 micron, and a 2.5 liter jerrycan of Carbolite™ brand activated carbon.

Special discount is 5% discount on your entire purchase package, whatever the quantity!
When ordering apply the code b106

Weight6 kg




2 reviews for Bundle SL 240 QUAD CTN water clarifier purifier 4 steps

  1. James T.

    Good product pack, easy enough to install, attention, well purge before the general commissioning via a tap close. We recommend because the price / quality ratio is at the top!

  2. Ibrahim D.

    Quality product and very effective, no need to buy bottled water, the water has the taste of spring water.

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