Package Ft Line 3 water ultrafilter

The Ft Line 3 pack is complete.

Including: complete device of the water purifier by ultrafiltration WITH FAUCET. Maintenance kit of 3 cartridges (1 cartridge Ft Line 82 of 5 microns + 1 cartridge Ft Line 83 to GAC activated carbon + 1 cartridge Ft Line 91 to membrane). Ft Line 3 is easily installed under the sink in the kitchen. John Guest type connectors are quick and simple.

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Ft Line 3 full pack with tap.



  • complete device with accessories,
  • additional maintenance kit (3 cartridges).

Contents of the maintenance kit added:

  1. sediment pre-filtration: Ft line 82 PP cartridge,
  2. granulated activated carbon: Ft line 83 cartridge,
  3. ultrafiltration membrane: Ft line 91 cartridge,

Installs easily under kitchen sink.

John Guest connectors are quick and simple.


Cartridges included as standard in the full Ft Line 3 pack.

Cartridge Ft Line 82 PP, pre-filtration sediments:

Cartridge Ft Line 82 pre filtration 5 microns

Cartridge Ft Line 83, GAC activated carbon:

Cartridge Ft Line 83 GAC activated carbon

Cartridge Ft Line 91, ultrafiltration membrane:

Cartridge Ft Line 91 ultrafiltration membrane

If you are unsure about the model, contact us.

Weight9 kg
Dimensions30 × 42 × 45 cm

Water purifier by ultrafiltration


5 μm filtration + activated carbon purification + membrane ultrafiltration


2 years


Width 27 cm x Height 31 cm x Depth 75 cm


John Guest type quick connectors


Valve / Fitting / Tuyau / Tap / Wall fixation

Cartridge Ft Line 82 PP

8.6 bar max. / Prefiltration 5 µm / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 3.7 L minute / Service life 11,340 L 1 year

Cartridge Ft Line 83

8.6 bar max. / GAC Activated carbon / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 1.9 L minute / Service life 7,560 L 1 year

Cartridge Ft Line 91

4 bar max. / Ultrafiltration membrane / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 1.5 L minute / Service life depending on water characteristics




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