Package Ft Line VE anti-scale purifier

Package Ft Line VE anti-scale.

Including: a device anti-scale purifier. 2 cartridges of 5 microns. 2 cartridges composed of silver GAC activated carbon and silico-polyphosphates. Purifies and softens water. Ft Line VE is very compact and easily installed anywhere. The connectors are quick and simple.


Cartridges kit for maintenance of Ft Line VE promotional package.

Opportunity to purchase cartridges separately depending on the characteristics of the water.

Pre-filtration sediments, cartridge Ft Line 82 PP:

Cartridge Ft Line 82 pre filtration 5 microns

Silico-polyphosphates with activated carbon and silver, cartridge Ft Line 90:

Cartridge Ft Line 90 silico-polyphosphates and silver

If you are unsure about the model, contact us.

Also on sale in the european online store AGUAGREEN

Weight5 kg

Anti-scaling water purifier

Filtration 5 μm + anti-scale purification mixed silver granulated activated carbon and polyphosphate crystals

1 year

Width 19.5 cm x Height 31 cm x Depth 7.5 cm

John Guest type quick connectors

Fittings / Pipe / Wall fixation

8.6 bar max. / Prefiltration 5 µm / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 3.7 L minute / Service life 11,340 L 1 year

8.6 bar max. / GAC silico polyphosphates / anti-scale / 38°C (100°F) max., 2°C (35°F) min. / 1 L minute / Service life 10,000 L 1 year



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