Special price DUO-CTN

Promo Cintropur DUO-CTN activated carbon filter sleeves. Bowl wrench. Union fittings. Wall brackets. 5 Cintropur 25 micron filter sleeves. 1 jerrycan 5L of Carbolite activated carbon high performance. Notice of instructions. Exclusivity of AGUAGREEN | Cintropur SHOP.


Special offer of the NW25 DUO-CTN double filter + activated carbon + filter sleeves.

Promo Cintropur DUO-CTN activated carbon filter sleeves is a pack exclusively sold  in the official store online.

Elements that make up this set::

  • a water filter NW25 DUO-CTN model,
  • one jerrycan of activated carbon,
    • Carbolite branded,
    • special for water,
    • 5L = 9 doses,
  • a bag of 5 filter sleeves 25 micron.

Limited stock.

The promo Cintropur DUO-CTN is also on sale in the European online store AGUAGREEN.

Weight 7 kg

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  1. Francis

    ngLagos, Nigeria

    Nice product with good innovations

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