Quartz tube for Cintropur UV 2000 and TIO-UV sterilizers of water

Quartz tube for water sterilizer Cintropur UV 2000, UV 2000 ECO, TIO-UV and TIO-UV ECO models. EU certification and bio-dosimetry control. Must be replaced after 5 years.


Quartz tube for the sterilizers of water branded Cintropur.

For models:

  • UV 2000, TIO-UV,
  • the model of the UV lamp is fully compatible with version of UV ECO.

Controlled by an official test process.

With EU certification.

Warning: do not touch the lamp glass with your fingers!

Weight 2 kg

UV rays diffuser




Replace the quartz tube every 5 years


5 years

PDF documentation

downloadable on page [Cintropur documentations]


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