Refiner Aguapure K18

Ecological water refiner Aguapure K18 bio-dynamization and anticorrosion. Model for a house up to 24 people.

Improves the organoleptic quality of water and prevents scale-forming and corrosion by the galvanic electrolysis of the new Galvac ion 25 reactor. Easy to install. A year including consumables: Volcalite, Agualite, filter sleeves and activated carbon. Suitable for a house up to 24 people. Design and assembly Aguagreen.

3 836,00

Water refiner by bio dynamisation and anticorrosion.

Aguapure K18 model.

For a house up to 24 people.

Reactor:  New GALVAC™ ION reactor

Maintenance:  Maintenance kit Aguapure K18

Volcanic rock:  Volcalite

Cristal rocks:  Agualite

Activated carbon:  Carbolite

Weight 30 kg



Ecological anticorrosion Water Refiner bio-dynamization


10-Year GALVAC™ION REACTOR / 5 Year Filters


Width 230 cm x Height 71 cm x Depth 26 cm

Flow / efficiency

11000 litres par heure


DN50 (2") on union (black) and DN40 (1" 1/2) on reactor




Minimum 1 bar / Maximum 16 bars

Weight in use

36 kg


Change catalytic masses 1x per year / 2x filter sleeve per year

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  1. Isabel B.

    Installation and results of water filter purifier softener dynamizer Aguapure K18. Results from the satisfaction questionnaire. Warehouse (-from 10 days), average investment (6 hours), Information Quality 9/10, 9/10 … Quality monitoring Notation of the first results on the water with the equipment in operation: √ Best odor √ dermatological Improvement. First hairdresser organic label 3 “Sustainable Development” in Champagne-Ardenne, Isabelle Millet strengthens its responsible approach to environmentally responsible through the acquisition of a water treatment equipment Aguapure K18. The hairdresser bio Isabelle Millet labeled Aguagreen mainly on the capillary well-being and protection of dermatological customers, preservation of the regional environment, and engage in energy saving process. Due to its innovative design in the treatment of water, a multitude Aguapure obtained results. Absence of polluting waste (brine and phosphate). Operation with water pressure (without electricity supply). Neutralization of residual substances (sediments, chlorine, heavy metals, Co2, medication, nitrates, pesticides, etc.). Micronutrient regeneration by volcanic rock. Action corrosion and scale inhibitor on equipment and pipelines with Galvanic. Ecological recycling of catalytic filtration masses. Reduced maintenance costs. Reconditioning and maximum recycling supplies.

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  2. Doug O.

    Hello, we did the same thing: Aguapure system for cold water and water softener on hot water. Super result. The quality of the cold water is exceptional! We recommend you.

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