TRIO-UV-25W is an sterilizer of water by UV rays coupled to a duo water purifier

Water purifier by ultraviolet germicidal radiation, Cintropur TRIO-UV-25W model with UV-lamp coupled at a complete double water filter composed of one water filter with filter sleeve 25 micron and the second is equipped with a container full activated carbon. Complete kit: TRIO-UV unit coupled at a double water filter , set of 2 complete couplings in ¾″ and 1″, stainless steel wall bracket, 2 black wall brackets, screws and bolts, UV-lamp of 25W, spanner for bowl, and installation instructions.


Cintropur TRIO-UV-25W is an ultraviolet water sterilizer coupled with a double filter.

UV media coupled with 2 filters:

  • 1st filter, 25 micron filter bag,
  • 2nd filter, activated carbon cartridge.

Indicated to secure rainwater, well water, spring water, well water or network whose hardness is not higher than TH of 17 ° F.

Included accessories:

  • set of 2 complete couplings in ¾″ and 1″, stainless steel wall bracket, 1 black wall bracket, black wall brackets, screws and bolts, 25W UV lamp, bell wrench, and installation instructions.

Guaranteed for 2 years (except UV lamp).

PDF | The technical sheet can be downloaded from the Documentation Center.

Weight5 kg

Sterilizer of water by UV radiation + Activated Carbon Purifier + Particulate Filter




Voltage 220 V – 50 Hz

UV lamp

25 watts / Efficiency 1 year continuously

Maximum flow

2.1 M³/h


DN20 (3/4″) or DN25 (1″)


Change catalytic masses and 2x filter sleeve per year, Replace the quartz tube every 5 years, Replace the UV lamp every year


2 years (except UV lamp)

PDF documentation

downloadable on page [Cintropur documentations]

5 reviews for TRIO-UV-25W is an sterilizer of water by UV rays coupled to a duo water purifier

  1. Mats C.

    Highly appreciated: price, fast delivery of the Cintropur TRIO-UV pack.
    We thank you for your speed of delivery. We really appreciated the price and the fast delivery. Also the parcel including all the instructions to open, the notes of advice and the guide of installation, etc. All perfectly well protected packaged. Top online service. Thank you so much.

  2. Adriel W.

    UV is very well designed. This UV is very well designed and works very well. It is very easy to install just like changing the lamp.
    Moreover the advice and the delivery are irreproachable. Aguagreen is to recommend.

  3. Harry G.

    am very satisfied with cintropur trio uv.
    The analyzes have fallen: the water is therefore consistent drinking. More than positive, I’m very happy. I will send you the results …
    See you soon.

  4. Liam K.

    My rainwater is clean and even drinkable. Hello, we are delighted with our filter Cintropur trio uv filtering our rainwater for over a year, more toilet fouling or smelly odors. The UV treatment on the way also makes drinking water safe. The maintenance is cheap finally compared to the price of the bottled water in depreciation of the purchase of departure on 10 years for a family of 3 (1 adult and 2 teenagers). Another advantage: the water is soft and finished scaling the boiler, the coffee machine, the shower head and faucets … Thanks to Cintropur Team who took their time to advise us and to have very good did the installation.

  5. Sofocles T.

    Excellent after sales service!

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