Water filter Cintropur SL160 three-quarter-inch Smart Line range

Cintropur model SL160 water filter from the Smart Line range, technical leaflet included. Equipped as standard with a spanner to bowl, black PP wall fixation, and a 25 micron filter sleeve.


Cintropur water filter model SL160 with filter head designed to accept three-quarter-inch male couplings.

The filter is equipped as standard:

  • Spanner to bowl
  • 1 filter sleeve of 25 micron
  • Black PP wall fixation
  • User guide

Filtering thresholds available in micron (μm):

DISPOSABLE; SL160; 5 μm, 10 μm, 25 μm, 50 μm and 100 μm.

IMPORTANT: The filter sleeves of the Smart Line SL160 model are fully compatible with the sleeve holders of the Domestic Line NW18 model.

PDF | Technical sheet download from the Documentation Center.

Weight1 kg



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