Official store online of Cintropur SHOP Aguagreen, and a space dedicated to Specials. All the Brands presented are products of very high technological performance.

Spare parts and accessories for the Cintropur liquid filter ranges and UVC ultraviolet sterilizers are always available in the Cintropur SHOP store. Click on ” Find a spare part of … ” Smart Line, Domestic Line, Semi-Industrial, Old Industrial, Industrial (recent models), Old UV, and recent UV models. Several Youtube videos in the blog illustrate the installation of a filter sleeve for example.
Available ranges: Smart Line, Domestic Line, Semi-Industrial, Recent Industrial, Old Industrial and UV.

Aguagreen SHOP distributes water softeners, tap water purifiers and cold or hot water dispensers. Consumables: activated carbon cartridges, rock crystal, volcanic rock, calcium carbonate (pH booster). Types of consumables in stock: activated carbon, rock crystal, volcanic rock, calcium carbonate. In cartridge or canister form.
An important post was published in the store on the use of activated carbon.
Complementary product brands are: FT-Line, Forum Free Metal, Proline Plus, Columbia.
Aguagreen and Cintropur together form the Cintropur SHOP Aguagreen store to cover water treatment.